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Hire Tom and Pat (Owners) for a one-on-one talk on how to improve your health; includes various free samples, and advice on what to eat and how to keep your health up in the long run.

Prices vary

45 min telephone call $15

1hr one-on-one meeting $25

Hours: Tues/Thurs. 9:00am- 3:00pm

Events & Speaking Engagements

Contact Tom or Pat (Owners) to attend speaking engagements for health and wellness, and other various topics.

Prices vary 

Herb Classes

Come take a class on how to mix and consume the different types of herbs we sell, as well as learning different lessons on the subject of herbology.

Class I: Introduction to Herbal Theory & Texts; Definition of Terms; Basic Gathering & Preparation

Class II: The Nervines, Relaxation & The Sedative Herbs

Class III: The Stimulants, The Search for a Consistent Supply of Energy Without a Dependence on the Practice

Class IV: The Blood Purifiers & Tonics; The Appetite Depressants; The Appetite Stimulants

Class V: Man, Woman, and Child

Class VI: Vitamins & Minerals from Herbs, Diet, Your Nutritional Out-take

All Courses taught by Tom and Patricia Williams.

Prices vary